8 December 2010

Stille Nacht

A new release is now available on the Lysergic Earwax label - "Stille Nacht", a "musical Christmas card" featuring a ten minute track of faded and decayed Christmas ambience on 3" CD-R, housed in a black minimalist Xmas card with gloss screenprinted text. Edition of 48 hand-numbered copies. Price is £3.25 (UK/Europe) or £3.75 (USA/Rest of World).

This release will only be available to purchase for the next seven days.

28 November 2010

Shop update

The Aurora Borealis CD version of "Black Goat of the Woods" is now available to purchase from the shop section on this page. £8 UK/Europe or £9 USA/rest of World. Both prices include shipping.

15 November 2010

Available soon

Copies of the reissued "Black Goat of the Woods" CD will be up for sale in the "Shop" section of this site shortly...

25 October 2010

Just in time for Hallowe'en!

I'm extremely pleased to announce the release of the official CD reissue of "Black Goat of the Woods" on Aurora Borealis. Available to purchase now from their webshop.

UK/Europe £9.99, rest of World £10.99 (prices include postage).

From the AB website:


'Black Goat of the Woods' CD

Genre: dark ambient/noise/electronica

An ode to the Lovecraftian lore of Shub Niggurath, Black Goat of the Woods was conceived as "the soundtrack from some lost low budget horror movie, rediscovered on an old and faded VHS cassette found mouldering in a deserted house in the depths of the woods".

The one man project of J.R Moore, Black Mountain Transmitter has released several CDrs and tapes, all to great critical acclaim, and the quality of his work speaks volumes. This AB release is the first official release and a reissue of the long sold out and much sought after limited CDr. On describing the recording, Moore said: "The music was certainly very much influenced by that certain breed of 70s horror films. Things like the soundtrack to the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", Giuliano Sorgini's atmospheres in "Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue"; Carl Zittrer's soundscapes in "Deranged", "Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things" and "Dead Of Night", and of course people like Fabio Frizzi in Italian horror and the BBCs Radiophonic Workshop's electronic sounds in something like "The Stone Tape" and countless creepy old TV productions..."

An excellent, macabre and somewhat psychedelic release that spans many genres in its 40 minute playing time, Black Goat of the Woods pays perfect homage to the dark denizen of the nocturnal glades, and is a true paean to backwoods horror.

ABX046. CD in digipack. RunningTime: 39:49

"Like much of the best so-called Dark Ambient music, the sounds created by Black Mountain Transmitter gives the impression of having been set in motion long ago by some remote force." - Julian Cope (Head Heritage)

15 October 2010


"Black Goat of the Woods" cassettes are now completely sold out. Thanks to everyone who supported this release. The CD version will be available as an official Aurora Borealis release shortly.

11 October 2010

Last Copies...

The last few copies of the Black Goat cassette can be purchased from this page using the "Buy Now" button in the shop section. Price is £6 which includes worldwide postage. Please note only the black covered copies remain, the cream version is completely sold out.

26 September 2010

UPDATE 26/9/10

Auris Apothecary have now SOLD OUT of all copies of the "Black Goat" cassette at their webstore.

I will have a very limited amount of these tapes for sale soon (including some with the illusive cream colored wrap), which I'll be offering mail list subscribers a chance to purchase first. Any remaining copies will then be put up for sale on this page.

23 September 2010

Out now!

Copies of the Limited edition "Black Goat" cassette are available in the shop at Auris Apothecary. Price including shipping is $6 North America or $9 rest of World.

20 September 2010

Auris Apothecary presents...

the cassette reissue of Black Mountain Transmitter's Black Goat of the Woods.


40 minutes of blackened drone, ritualistic murmurs and 70's horror soundtrack synthesizers.

Limited to 90 hand-stamped [30 cream / 60 black] copies | TYPE II Chrome C80's

Packaging features custom-mixed metallic gunmetal silkscreen ink on black/cream canvas, with inside information silkscreened in silver ink on black cardstock. Black chrome tapes with black ink printing and black wax seals. Sleeve sealed with square black brads, serial number stamped in black.

To be released this Thursday, September 23rd. Autumnal Equinox and a Full Harvest Moon...couldn't be a better day..."

More info here: Auris Apothecary

Please note: Orders should be placed with Auris Apothecary but I will soon have some copies of the cassette to sell via the shop on this page. Pre-ordering from me will be offered soon to mail list subscribers.

The digipak CD version will be available within the next few weeks from Aurora Borealis.

More details to follow...

31 August 2010

The Black Goat rides again!

I'm very proud to anounce that September 2010 will see reissues of the out of print "Black Goat Of The Woods" album as an official Aurora Borealis release on CD and a limited "art edition" cassette on Auris Apothecary.

"Black Goat" was originally released back in November 2009 as a limited edition (75 copies) CD-r on Lysergic Earwax.

Full details of these reissues and other news to follow very shortly...

Stay tuned!

16 May 2010

"Theory & Practice" sold out

The "Theory & Practice" tapes have now completely sold out. That includes the copies in the Aurora Borealis webshop.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this release.

5 May 2010

Heathen Harvest reviews Black Goat Of The Woods

From the May 1st edition of Heathen Harvest webzine:

"...Organ tones spiral twisted melodies, woods mouth their groan and liquids froth, unholy miasmas congeal as swirling clouds swept aside as winds billow to occlude the garish protrusions. Horns bleat libations to forgotten deities as synths oscillate ambiguous responses and everywhere the universe trembles tenuously..."

Read the full review.

30 April 2010

"Theory & Practice" cassette

The new Black Mountain Transmitter release "Theory & Practice" is now available to purchase from the shop section on this page. The C36 cassette features two 18 minute tracks respectively entitled "Theory" and "Practice".

"Theory" is a studio recording featuring synthesizer and guitar and pays a roughly hewn homage to the Niblock/Radigue school of Minimalism.

"Practice" is a Kosmische/Drone voyage based around a live duo recording featuring myself again on synthesizer and guitar and C. Mitchell on cymbal. The basic track was later overdubbed in the studio with extra synth and vocal loop embellishments...

The cassettes and cases are a rather nice shade of blue and the cover is a subtle hand screenprinted silver design on matching blue card.

Price - £4, which includes worldwide shipping.

Edition of 50 hand numbered copies.

26 March 2010

Update - 26th March, 2010


The new BMT release "Theory & Practice" will be available here from 30th April. Further details and sound samples to follow shortly...

Price will be £4 including worldwide shipping.

In other news, I am now out of free copies of the "Palimpsestes" DVD which features the photography of Thomas James accompanied by a specially recorded BMT soundtrack. For anyone still interested some copies may be available directly from Thomas here: www.myspace.com/treefilms.

14 January 2010

Black Goat now sold out

"Black Goat Of The Woods" is now completely sold out. Many thanks to everyone who has supported this release!

1 January 2010

Black Goat review at Head Heritage

In his January Address Drudion, The Arch-Drude Julian Cope gives his thoughts on the "Black Goat" cd-r:

"Talking of tidal music, check out the weird, strung-out emanations of BLACK GOAT, the sumptuously-packaged new album from Black Mountain Transmitter: it’s like standing on the banks of a great fjord, watching solemn spectral processions of passing ancestral death ships, some elegant antiques with dragon’s head at their prows, but mostly just the rotting hulks of forgotten wars, all trotted out to impress some mysterious underworld administration. Like much of the best so-called Dark Ambient music, the sounds created by Black Mountain Transmitter gives the impression of having been set in motion long ago by some remote force. Check out these druids via myspace.com/blackmountaintransmitter, and do your best to access your own copy for personal use."