26 September 2010

UPDATE 26/9/10

Auris Apothecary have now SOLD OUT of all copies of the "Black Goat" cassette at their webstore.

I will have a very limited amount of these tapes for sale soon (including some with the illusive cream colored wrap), which I'll be offering mail list subscribers a chance to purchase first. Any remaining copies will then be put up for sale on this page.

23 September 2010

Out now!

Copies of the Limited edition "Black Goat" cassette are available in the shop at Auris Apothecary. Price including shipping is $6 North America or $9 rest of World.

20 September 2010

Auris Apothecary presents...

the cassette reissue of Black Mountain Transmitter's Black Goat of the Woods.


40 minutes of blackened drone, ritualistic murmurs and 70's horror soundtrack synthesizers.

Limited to 90 hand-stamped [30 cream / 60 black] copies | TYPE II Chrome C80's

Packaging features custom-mixed metallic gunmetal silkscreen ink on black/cream canvas, with inside information silkscreened in silver ink on black cardstock. Black chrome tapes with black ink printing and black wax seals. Sleeve sealed with square black brads, serial number stamped in black.

To be released this Thursday, September 23rd. Autumnal Equinox and a Full Harvest Moon...couldn't be a better day..."

More info here: Auris Apothecary

Please note: Orders should be placed with Auris Apothecary but I will soon have some copies of the cassette to sell via the shop on this page. Pre-ordering from me will be offered soon to mail list subscribers.

The digipak CD version will be available within the next few weeks from Aurora Borealis.

More details to follow...