1 November 2012

Playing With Dead Things

Three years after the release of "Black Goat Of The Woods" Black Mountain Transmitter returns with a cautionary tale of necromancy..."Playing With Dead Things".

Presenting a sepulchral sonic seance in two 17 minute parts, channeled directly to an antiquated magnetic recording device.

The album is available in two formats:

1) Coffinblock art edition cassette, limited to 179 copies produced by Auris Apothecary. Each C35 cassette is presented in a hand produced stained wooden "coffin", with wax sealed wrap and double sided insert card. Standard Plebian edition comes with brown wrap. There is a very limited Patrician red wrap variation.

Price including shipping $13 USA, $18 rest of World

Available directly from Auris Apothecary here: http://aurisapothecary.org/AAX-079.html

2) Digital download available from Lysergic Earwax bandcamp. Price £3

Are you brave enough to turn off the lights and let the exhalations of the exhumed whisper into your ears?

22 October 2012

Playing With Teasers

The new Black Mountain Transmitter album "Playing With Dead Things" will be released on Wednesday 31st October as a special edition cassette by Auris Apothecary and a digital download from Lysergic Earwax bandcamp.

Full details will follow in the next few days. In the meantime feel free to check out these two short teasers

25 July 2012

New release - Sapir Whorf "Preliminary Investigations"

Available now, a new project from J. R. Moore, based on archival material rediscovered earlier this year:

Sapir Whorf - “Phase 1: Preliminary Investigations”

Presented in a hand made wallet, 8 page mini booklet, printed 3″ cdr disc, text insert, all enclosed in a pvc slip sleeve. Limited edition of 70 copies. Released by Striate Cortex

18 February 2012


One-off live performance as part of the Horologium Emerald Isle mini tour. 8pm Friday 24th February, 2012. Oaks Studio, Enniskillen, N. Ireland.

Presented by Exploratory Drilling Productions