14 December 2011

Download some darkness...

Black Mountain Transmitter's "Black Goat of The Woods", now available as a digital album from Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp.

Download contains pdfs of the original artwork from the Lysergic Earwax CDr version featuring the stunning photography of Alexander Binder

8 December 2011

Digital Illusions

Cloudland Ballroom's debut album "Illusion Circles", which was released as a cassette on Aguirre Records earlier this year, is now available as a paid download from Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp.

Review from Foxy Digitalis:

"Cloudland Ballroom is not to be confused with Cloudland Canyon. Although both artists are excellent they are very different. Whereas many scientists still believe that some asteroid hit the earth causing havoc and wiping out the dinosaurs, Cloudland Ballroom assumes you into its synthsplosion and rockets you into a cosmic euphoria. No deadly meteors of destruction in descent, but only rejuvenating ascension into the bliss of space. I love how these tracks defy gravity, communicate alien transmissions through electronics, and send you into a mysterious space travel of galactic proportions. What’s pretty awesome here is that these tracks aren’t just a form of escapism, but are meditative and serve as a vehicle for self-discovery. In our beings exists a microcosm, a cosmos all its own. Inside us dwells a community of cells and energy, living pieces that make up the whole puzzle that is you. Instead of blasting off into some far off destination away from everything you know, Cloudland Ballroom blasts you off inside yourself where everything is all very familiar but can be explored and revisited anew. See what really makes you tick, the community within that makes you you. This tape is an invitation to spaced out rapture but one that is localized right where your butt is parked. You are a whole new realm to realize. These tracks help guide you through the various synth work of starbursting oscillations, brilliant luminary frequencies, and lunar tonal radiations to see the universe active within. All that is way out there is way in here, you just have to fill your tank up with this Illusion Circles c40 and you’ll be ready for the journey. Have fun!" - 9/10

21 November 2011

Still here...

It's been a while since this site was updated, life and other developing projects have got in the way. Black Mountain Transmitter is officially on hiatus and no new releases are currently scheduled. Cloudland Ballroom will also be taking a long holiday, but before that there are a few small upcoming appearances including the "Mad Chat" double LP compilation and also a 7in single, both from Dumpster Diving Lab.

There will be releases from new projects in 2012.

All current and previous BMT and Cloudland Ballroom material will shortly be available as downloads from the Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp page. Out of print releases will be free, those still available in a physical format will have a small download charge.

I've recently discovered a few remaining copies of the Stille Nacht "musical Christmas card", which was only available for 7 days last December. Featuring a ten minute track of faded and decayed Xmas ambience on 3" CD-R, housed in a black minimalist Xmas card with gloss screenprinted text, only 48 hand-numbered copies were made. If you are interested in owning one of the last few, price is £3.50 (UK/Europe) or £4.00 (USA/Rest of World), please email info@lysergicearwax.com for details on how to purchase.

For those enquiring about the "Theory & Practice" vinyl reissue which was supposed to happen earlier this year, I'm very disappointed to say it is now looking very unlikely. I have had no communication from the label in months and their website has been down for quite a while.

14 July 2011

More reissues from Lysergic Earwax Digital

Two out of print Cloudland Ballroom releases are available again as free downloads from lysergicearwax.bandcamp.com.

Blues From The Sun EP

"Flickering and fluttering tonal luminaries gambol through this morphing soundscape. Undertones shape shift against this pristine atmosphere—ranging from ebullient to despondent."

Cloudland Ballroom's debut release "Blues From The Sun" was originally issued as a limited edition C20 cassette on Sacred Phrases in June 2010.

Areal EP

"A series of transmissions that incorporate lunar meditations and sequencer-driven accelerations."

These tracks were originally released as part of a split cassette with Canadian band Sundrips on their Fadeaway Tapes label in November 2010.

5 July 2011

"Slender Man" print - SOLD OUT

The "Slender Man" screenprint is now completely sold out. Many thanks to everyone who bought one of these.

There will be another limited edition art print available here sometime soon. Sign up to the Lysergic Earwax mail list to keep up to date with news...

24 June 2011

"Slender Man" limited edition art print

Lysergic Earwax's James R. Moore is behind the original poster design for the upcoming Outer Church on 14th July at the Komedia Brighton, which will feature the first UK screening of contemporary uncanny masterpiece "Marble Hornets" (Season One). To date the most accomplished and acclaimed product of the Slender Man mythos, this immersive DIY phenomenon has spawned several imitations and attracted praise from revered film critic, Roger Ebert. Be prepared to explore the derelict spaces of urban folklore!

To commemorate this event Lysergic Earwax Art Dept. is making available a fine art print of the design in a strictly limited edition of 20. Hand screenprinted on heavyweight 370gsm paper in two colours, black and grey/silver, total size 50 x 70cm (19.5" x 27.5"). Each print will be signed and individually numbered.

These will be available to purchase exclusively from this site until Sunday 17th July. Prints are £20 which includes postage within UK/Europe. Postage to USA/rest of world is £2 extra (aproximate total in US dollars is $35). Prints will be shipped rolled in a sturdy poster tube.

Beware, the Slender Man!


6 June 2011

Lysergic Earwax goes digital

Lysergic Earwax is dipping it's toes into the domain of digital distribution with a reissue of the debut Black Mountain Transmitter release "redShift" from way back in September 2008.

Available via Bandcamp. lysergicearwax.bandcamp.com

All previous and future releases from Lysergic Earwax will be available as paid or free downloads, but the label is still committed to producing some hand-crafted, limited edition sonic artefacts which will be available in conjunction with their digital counterparts.

12 May 2011

Worship at The Outer Church

"Palimpsestes" and "Messages", the two short films/slideshows by photographer Thomas James soundtracked by Black Mountain Transmitter are featured as part of this month's essential Outer Church event at the Komedia in Brighton, May 18th. Get your ass down there for some serious ectoplasmic action...

The Outer Church

19 April 2011

Theory & Practice vinyl delayed

The vinyl edition of BMT's Theory & Practice was advertised as being available from 18th April. I am aware there have been issues at the label (Static Noise Audio) which have lead to it being delayed. As such, there is curently no specific release date.

News on this as and when...


The two visual/audio collaborations between photographer Thomas James and Black Mountain Transmitter have recently been added to Thomas's website for streaming and downloading.

Palimpsestes: http://www.thmsjms.com/films/palimpsestes

Messages: http://www.thmsjms.com/films/messages

These films will also be shown at "The Outer Church" in the Komedia on Gardner Street, Brighton, UK on May 18th. http://theouterchurch.blogspot.com/

7 March 2011

Illusion Circles

Featuring twelve tracks of "pure listening pleasure for your synthetic dreams", the debut album by BMT side project Cloudland Ballroom is now available. "Illusion Circles" is released by the Belgium based Aguirre Records label as a C40 cassette with full color artwork in an edition of 100 copies.

This release is available to purchase directly from the shop section at the Cloudland Ballroom site: www.cloudlandballroom.blogspot.com.

Price is £5.99 which includes shipping.

Audio and video of Cloudland Ballroom tracks are available for your perusal in the "Sound & Vision" section of the above site.

Further releases from this project will be available later in 2011. Next up is "Infinite Mind" on the Sonic Meditations label....

To keep up to date with Cloudland Ballroom news there is a mail list which can be subscribed to via the "contact" page on the Cloudland site.

18 February 2011

The Trees Are All Blocking The Forest

UK label Striate Cortex has just released a beautifully packaged 2 x CDr compilation featuring 6 tracks from 6 different artists. Black Mountain Transmitter's J.R. Moore is one of the featured artists, presenting a 20 minute track of minimalist synthesiser manipulations titled "A Progressive Knotting Into", influenced by early electronic and computer music and maybe even a little bit of 303 style Acid squiggle.

"The Trees Are All Blocking The Forest" is a lovingly handmade package featuring a heavy outer-case/container with black & white printed canvas image and inside a full colour printed sleeve and CDr's with separate tracklisting sheet.

This release is limited to 100 copies. Lysergic Earwax has 7 of these for sale. £8.99 UK / Europe, £9.99 USA / rest of World. Price includes postage.

Disc 1

1 Max Bellancourt - Winter Light 20:22
2 Sindre Bjerga - The Great Stumbling Block 21:04
3 JR Moore - A Progressive Knotting Into 20:00

Disc 2

1 Astral Social Club - MZ FRWRKZ MX 21:19
2 Wereju - Thirty-Seven Years Of Decay 26:50
3 A Vibrant Struggle - Galactic Spandex 26:58

15 February 2011

"Theory & Practice" on vinyl!

Really pleased to announce the imminent reissue of Black Mountain Transmitter's "Theory & Practice" on 180g transparent blue vinyl by Static Noise Audio:

Black Mountain Transmitter ‘Theory & Practice’ LP (Static Noise Audio SNA002)

A-side: Theory
B-side: Practice

180g transparent dark blue vinyl LP

Edition of 300 copies

Release date: April 18th 2011

Originally released as a limited edition cassette on Lysergic Earwax in April 2010, ‘Theory & Practice’ is a splicing together of drone theory and Berlin School electronics.

‘Theory’ is a studio recording using guitar and synthesiser fed through a tape delay system, creating a roughly hewn homage to the Yoshi Wada/Phill Niblock school of Minimalism.

‘Practice’ is a live reworking of the same material with the addition of C. Mitchell on cymbals. Further sequencer-driven embellishments were then added in the studio, pushing the piece outward into Kosmische space-time.

More information at http://www.staticnoiseaudio.co.uk