21 November 2011

Still here...

It's been a while since this site was updated, life and other developing projects have got in the way. Black Mountain Transmitter is officially on hiatus and no new releases are currently scheduled. Cloudland Ballroom will also be taking a long holiday, but before that there are a few small upcoming appearances including the "Mad Chat" double LP compilation and also a 7in single, both from Dumpster Diving Lab.

There will be releases from new projects in 2012.

All current and previous BMT and Cloudland Ballroom material will shortly be available as downloads from the Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp page. Out of print releases will be free, those still available in a physical format will have a small download charge.

I've recently discovered a few remaining copies of the Stille Nacht "musical Christmas card", which was only available for 7 days last December. Featuring a ten minute track of faded and decayed Xmas ambience on 3" CD-R, housed in a black minimalist Xmas card with gloss screenprinted text, only 48 hand-numbered copies were made. If you are interested in owning one of the last few, price is £3.50 (UK/Europe) or £4.00 (USA/Rest of World), please email info@lysergicearwax.com for details on how to purchase.

For those enquiring about the "Theory & Practice" vinyl reissue which was supposed to happen earlier this year, I'm very disappointed to say it is now looking very unlikely. I have had no communication from the label in months and their website has been down for quite a while.

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