14 July 2011

More reissues from Lysergic Earwax Digital

Two out of print Cloudland Ballroom releases are available again as free downloads from lysergicearwax.bandcamp.com.

Blues From The Sun EP

"Flickering and fluttering tonal luminaries gambol through this morphing soundscape. Undertones shape shift against this pristine atmosphere—ranging from ebullient to despondent."

Cloudland Ballroom's debut release "Blues From The Sun" was originally issued as a limited edition C20 cassette on Sacred Phrases in June 2010.

Areal EP

"A series of transmissions that incorporate lunar meditations and sequencer-driven accelerations."

These tracks were originally released as part of a split cassette with Canadian band Sundrips on their Fadeaway Tapes label in November 2010.

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