8 December 2011

Digital Illusions

Cloudland Ballroom's debut album "Illusion Circles", which was released as a cassette on Aguirre Records earlier this year, is now available as a paid download from Lysergic Earwax Bandcamp.

Review from Foxy Digitalis:

"Cloudland Ballroom is not to be confused with Cloudland Canyon. Although both artists are excellent they are very different. Whereas many scientists still believe that some asteroid hit the earth causing havoc and wiping out the dinosaurs, Cloudland Ballroom assumes you into its synthsplosion and rockets you into a cosmic euphoria. No deadly meteors of destruction in descent, but only rejuvenating ascension into the bliss of space. I love how these tracks defy gravity, communicate alien transmissions through electronics, and send you into a mysterious space travel of galactic proportions. What’s pretty awesome here is that these tracks aren’t just a form of escapism, but are meditative and serve as a vehicle for self-discovery. In our beings exists a microcosm, a cosmos all its own. Inside us dwells a community of cells and energy, living pieces that make up the whole puzzle that is you. Instead of blasting off into some far off destination away from everything you know, Cloudland Ballroom blasts you off inside yourself where everything is all very familiar but can be explored and revisited anew. See what really makes you tick, the community within that makes you you. This tape is an invitation to spaced out rapture but one that is localized right where your butt is parked. You are a whole new realm to realize. These tracks help guide you through the various synth work of starbursting oscillations, brilliant luminary frequencies, and lunar tonal radiations to see the universe active within. All that is way out there is way in here, you just have to fill your tank up with this Illusion Circles c40 and you’ll be ready for the journey. Have fun!" - 9/10

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