15 February 2011

"Theory & Practice" on vinyl!

Really pleased to announce the imminent reissue of Black Mountain Transmitter's "Theory & Practice" on 180g transparent blue vinyl by Static Noise Audio:

Black Mountain Transmitter ‘Theory & Practice’ LP (Static Noise Audio SNA002)

A-side: Theory
B-side: Practice

180g transparent dark blue vinyl LP

Edition of 300 copies

Release date: April 18th 2011

Originally released as a limited edition cassette on Lysergic Earwax in April 2010, ‘Theory & Practice’ is a splicing together of drone theory and Berlin School electronics.

‘Theory’ is a studio recording using guitar and synthesiser fed through a tape delay system, creating a roughly hewn homage to the Yoshi Wada/Phill Niblock school of Minimalism.

‘Practice’ is a live reworking of the same material with the addition of C. Mitchell on cymbals. Further sequencer-driven embellishments were then added in the studio, pushing the piece outward into Kosmische space-time.

More information at http://www.staticnoiseaudio.co.uk

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