7 March 2011

Illusion Circles

Featuring twelve tracks of "pure listening pleasure for your synthetic dreams", the debut album by BMT side project Cloudland Ballroom is now available. "Illusion Circles" is released by the Belgium based Aguirre Records label as a C40 cassette with full color artwork in an edition of 100 copies.

This release is available to purchase directly from the shop section at the Cloudland Ballroom site: www.cloudlandballroom.blogspot.com.

Price is £5.99 which includes shipping.

Audio and video of Cloudland Ballroom tracks are available for your perusal in the "Sound & Vision" section of the above site.

Further releases from this project will be available later in 2011. Next up is "Infinite Mind" on the Sonic Meditations label....

To keep up to date with Cloudland Ballroom news there is a mail list which can be subscribed to via the "contact" page on the Cloudland site.

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