1 January 2010

Black Goat review at Head Heritage

In his January Address Drudion, The Arch-Drude Julian Cope gives his thoughts on the "Black Goat" cd-r:

"Talking of tidal music, check out the weird, strung-out emanations of BLACK GOAT, the sumptuously-packaged new album from Black Mountain Transmitter: it’s like standing on the banks of a great fjord, watching solemn spectral processions of passing ancestral death ships, some elegant antiques with dragon’s head at their prows, but mostly just the rotting hulks of forgotten wars, all trotted out to impress some mysterious underworld administration. Like much of the best so-called Dark Ambient music, the sounds created by Black Mountain Transmitter gives the impression of having been set in motion long ago by some remote force. Check out these druids via myspace.com/blackmountaintransmitter, and do your best to access your own copy for personal use."


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James said...

Congrats! What a fitting and great review.